Balthomere, is a world where natural order and the mechanics of time have been drastically altered by the actions of four adventurers… and the destiny of one. p. 1,000 years before the campaign began, there lived a great warrior, a paladin in the service of Pelor, the god of the sun. Proud and noble, majestic and strong, he flew through the sky as if he were as an angel. He was the very definition of what a hero was meant to be. His name was Kellach. p. But fate, has a cruel sense of irony, deep within the bottomless pits of the nine hells there lived a dark power, an ancient evil that was older and powerful than the gods themselves. And this evil, needed only a physical form, and it could begin it’s destruction of Balthomere this thing was, quite literally evil incarnate. p. “Kellach was sent on a great campaign into the nine hells, and it was there, he looked evil in the face. Although he fought valiantly, he never stood a chance, he was consumed, body and soul. p. “Kellach” returned to Balthomere, not as a victorious champion, but as a Blackguard, a dark knight. He quickly unleashed his newly found power on the world. Only a small few had the strength to fight back. For 3,000 years his onslaught continued, the gods where overthrown and the world became one massive graveyard, dead bodies, broken war machines littered the ground far out into the horizon. Monsters and horrors from mankind’s darkest dreams roamed the land, hunting what was left of the life on Balthomere. p. And it was amidst this chaos, that four warriors, rose to the challenge, they used the technology and magics of that age, to build a time machine that would allow them to go back, three thousand years and stop Kellach from becoming the monster that he was then. p. So Jayla the artificer, Adam the warforged, Bloodgarm the dark elf, and Jacen, the mage opened up a “time vortex” and walked through, to another time. They confronted Kellach, just before he began his descent into the nine hells, he remained adamant on his belief that it was his duty to venture there, and to fight the enemies of his god, and he would not listen to reason. Faced with no other option, the adventurers destroyed him, in an epic battle that the world would not soon forget. p. The four warriors were successful, they had defeated Kellach, before he became too powerful to defeat. But their mistake, was in thinking the threat was over, they had neglected to face the evil that corrupted Kellach, and defeat him. and through mysterious means, this evil eventually gained possession of Kellach’s son, Morllach…

500 years before the campaign, the four adventurers have failed to reopen the “time vortex” and return to their time. And the vortex had altered them, they were now, immortal. Forever they would roam the world, alone, and unknown, their deeds unrecognized, until they were needed again.